Blackpool Aquatics ASC was formed by the merger of Newton Hall Blackpool ASC and Blackpool Borough ASC in January 2010.

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Tesco vouchers
Well done and thank you to everyone who was collected the vouchers. These have now been counted and sent off with our order.

We managed to collect 8,634 vouchers and JP has chosen to purchase a camcorder to be used at certain swim clinics/sessions to assist in showing/correcting the children with their stroke etc.

The amount collected allows us to go into 2012 with a couple hundred vouchers already in the bank and the camcorder will be delivered to us in September.

Thanks again to everyone who helped collect and count the vouchers. I'm sure each child at some point in the future will benefit from this.
Sam Bowden
pocket option review

A new structure for the club will soon be in place. This will inlude the use of Moor Park when it re-opens shortly.

Please see this memo from Head Coach Jonathan Preston that explains the structure, session frequency & criteria.

There are meetings with parents & swimmers planned to go through this structure. The first two meetings are next week.

1.  Rising Stars - (5 - 8 years)
Meeting at Newton Hall pool 6 - 7 pm Tuesday 21 June - no session but please bring swimmers.

2.  Performance 3 (Junior 8 - 10 years)
Meeting at Palatine pool (meeting room) 8 - 9 pm Tuesday 21 June - following the session.

Other meetings will be planned for the other groups and you will be notified.

Kind Regards
Janice Whittle
Hon. Secretary

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