Senior Development Squad (Skill & Fitness enhancement)
Core Curriculum Outcomes
  • Development of stroke drills
  • Introduction to test sets and recording information
  • Ability to complete & keep records of training and competition results
  • Quality pull & kick sets
  • Development of speed/endurance capabilities
  • Development of basic speed
  • Ability to swim for long periods at steady state (100m Pb +20sec pace)
  • Training based on pace, HR, perceived exhaustion & swimmer is aware of training intensities required
  • Swimmers responsible for their own equipment
  • Goal setting is a process done by coach and swimmer
  • Varied standard of competitions and show development of race strategies at major meets
  • Stretching & mobilization exercises are becoming more complex & showing good technique
  • Positive & mature attitude showed towards training & competition
  • Show progression in training sets over agreed training periods
  • Knowledge of nutrition & mental strategies gained through information delivered by coach & program
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