Performance / Performance 1
Core Curriculum Outcomes
  • Progression of drills & skills to technical understanding
  • Test sets for all training zones conducted accurately
  • Training zones being trained to varying %'s based on event specific information
  • A1, A2, AT & Vo2 overload swimming
  • Basic speed, LaPro, LaTol swimming
  • Race specific endurance
  • Power & strength development training
  • Quality & volume increase on all pull & kick sets
  • Quality sets done on gender & event type (distance male/female specific etc.)
  • Understand & have the ability to use effectively SC/SR/HR/Borg
  • Be able to swim multi events in consecutive sessions
  • Convert heat to semi to final
  • Self-monitoring of rest/recovery and adaption periods
  • Good management of injury
  • Good management of week school, homework & social etc.
  • Excellent self-motivation
  • Discuss & show ability to be involved in the planning process with coach
  • Show good technique and discipline during all land workouts
  • Nutritional & drug education available and aware of
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